Vietnamese on iPad with iOS 4.2

The upcoming release of iOS 4.2 finally brings Vietnamese input to iPad, with a keyboard that uses the standard Telex input method, together with autocorrect. 🙂

Available since iOS 4.1 on iPhone, a new feature of Vietnamese input on iPad brings the improvement that the Telex input method works anywhere in the text, rather than just on the current Vietnamese syllable being typed. In other words, once Vietnamese text is input, the user can back up anywhere, and still be able to use Telex to adjust the text.

Users not already familiar with the Telex input method can press and hold any key, and then select the appropriate Vietnamese character with diacritic(s). For an explanation of the Telex input method, please see a previous post.

Vietnamese on iPad

Vietnamese on iPad


11 responses to “Vietnamese on iPad with iOS 4.2

  1. I added the Vietnamese keyboard on my iPad. How do you type the tone marks for Vietnamese.
    What are the keys for ‘ ` . ? ~ ^ ( *
    For example: how do you type the following sentence:
    Tôi là người Việt Nam toàn văn vỏ mà vợ tôi bỏ.


  2. Switch to Vietnamese keyboard (touch the globe key) then type this:
    Tooi laf nguwowfi Vieejt Nam toafn vawn vox maf vowj tooi bor.

  3. the more “natural” way to type is: Tooi laf ngwowif Vieetj Nam toanf vawn vox maf vowj tooi bor. This is more like handwriting.

    if you’re not familiar with the above “Telex” method, you can press and hold the vowel key, and then choose from the desired letter from the key popup. Of course, this is more time-consuming.

    hope this helps.

  4. Friends, Where and how can I get and install Vietnamese keyboard to my iPad? Thanks for friendly help

  5. Bien,
    On your iPad, click “App Store” then search for “Viet Editor”. Install “Viet Editor” (free) on your iPad. Run “Viet Editor” then type in Vietnamese on this editor then you can copy or send email in Vietnamese from this “Viet Editor”

    Đánh Dấu:
    1: Sắc
    2: Huyền
    3: Hỏi
    4: Ngã
    6. Ô
    7. Ơ
    8. Ă

    Hope this help!

  6. There is no such app called Viet Editor

    • Alvin,
      Do you know how to search on Google for “Viet Editor for iPad”? I am not sure if you know about iTunes either but if you know iTunes, open iTunes on your iPad and search for “Viet Editor”. I am using this app “Viet Editor” and you say “no such app called Viet Editor”. You’re wrong man!

  7. I could not find Viet Editor on iTunes either. Please help! Thanks.

    • Typing Vietnamese or another language is a feature of the new iOS, not an app. You need to do Setting ->General->International, select Vietnamese. Then you can switch between English and VNese with the button on the left of the space bar.

      • The resulted for viet editor , not found….. 😢 I know how to switch those two languages, but still couldn’t find the accents

  8. I got it now. Use your global Vietnamese keyboard, if u want to type òôó, hold down the o , then start sliding up to the vowels u want it….hope it works for everyone…btw , I’m using ipad 6.2

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